What are the benefits of the WhatsApp business app for small business?

The feature of WhatsApp for business app for small businesses

whatapp business for small bussiness

WhatsApp business app is created by the whatsapp for all the business even it is beneficial for small businesses owners who sell products or the services on WhatsApp.  Whatsapp launches whatsaap for a business app for the business owners to interact with their customers. Business can take order for there product and services on the whatapp business app. There is lots of benefit of using the WhatsApp business which we are going to discuss in this article.  Over the years, small businesses with the strong presence on social media channels such as youtube, facebook, twitter,  Instagram, started creating one single touch point – WhatsApp, for all business related queries and inquiries and so on. WhatsApp business app allows any small business to customize their business profile using various tools, send customized auto reply messages to customers and so on.

What WhatsApp Business Does?

S0 let’s stat with the detailed features of what whatsapp for business app provide for the business owners. What are the merits and demerits, In what way it is useful, what can be done to make it more helpful for the business.


The feature of whatsapp for business app for small business

What are the benefits of the WhatsApp business app

The separate app for business and personal use

What app introduces the separate business app for business owners. Earlier the business owners need to use personal whatsapp account for there business too. This is creating the problem for recognising the personal and business messages.  The whole idea of WhatsApp is to have two different apps that are whatsApp messenger and  WhatsApp business app.

Customised Business Profile for your customers

WhatsApp Business Featured for small business

The small businesses can easily create a business profile with their helpful information for their customers. The information includes address, business description, email address, and website. They can also modify the profile, customize their business profile according to their requirements.

Build trust through the business profile

The business profile helps business owners to build trust among their customers. WhatsApp business is great for building this trust. Whatsapp business app has introduced a section where you can fill information about your Business profile like the category of business, location, working hours, website & email.

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Quick Reply

whatsapp business repliesNow business can Delight their customers with auto replies. Quick replies form business app will let you save your time and effort by replying to the common questions asked by your customers in no time. Now business can create auto-replies message while you are busy and pre-set quick replies to answer frequently asked question.



Automated Messages when someone messages

The business owners can set the predefined message when you are unable to answer to your customers. You can let them know when they can expect a response from you. You can also create a greeting message to introduce your customers to your business. You can promote your business by giving promotional offers on your product and services.

Customer Labels for quick understanding of customer

whatsapp business label

We can even create labels for our customers, that is the potential customers can be categorized by the label feature of whatsapp business. The labels can be the new customer, order complete, paid and so on according to the needs of the business owner.

In whatsapp business app the business can even have a look on their insights and statistics of their messages. The important metrics include how many of your messages were successfully sent, delivered, and read. This would help us to keep a track of all your messages and customers orders.



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Demerits of whatsapp business app / Update required in whatsapp business app.

Yes, the WhatsApp business is useful for business, but it also comes along with a lot of disadvantages especially when it comes to making payments as well as accepting payments too. More the benefits of this WhatsApp business and its features, as a business owner you need to know what the app doesn’t do:

No Payment Diversity in whatsapp business app:

WhatsApp business app enables only one payment option i.e. UPI payments. UPI is the modern way to send and receive payments. The business app should have given more payments options. The more payments options would make business to take payments more easily as the customers have many options for payments.

Only Contacts Can Pay:

In whatsapp business app the only people who are in your contact list can pay you. This means you need to save the contact number of the peoples to your contact list so that they can use WhatsApp payments to pay you for there orders for products and services.

Updated App Required:

The customers need to update their WhatsApp to enable making payments. If they don’t update the app then they won’t be able to view the “Payment” icon in attachments and hence delay is bound to happen.

Lacks Business Reports:

This is one of the important issues in whatsapp business app. There is no proper report of your sales and orders per week or per month basis.  The customer has paid and how much? What is your sales turnover this week? How many new customers shopped with you this month? All these questions continue to remain questions the whatsapp business app does not provide any automated tracking of this important regard on the app as yet.

Limited Reach:

As the customer payment options are limited to UPI only, so is your reach is also limited. To expand your business overseas, you will still have to share your other payments options details like Paypal id, bank account details, etc with your customers even you are using the business app.

No Refunds:

Sometime the order can’t be completed or the customers request to cancel the order. For that, an owner needs to refund the money. In whatsaap business app, there is no tab to process refunds. Products once sold via WhatsApp cannot be monetarily returned via WhatsApp.

Whatsapp is good for peer to peer transactions. But when it comes to businesses, it needs many upgrades. Ideally, businesses need a one stop payment solution which offers – all payment options (credit/debit card, net banking, wallets along with UPI), tracking payments, sending payment reminders to customers and more business centric functionalities.

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