Top Virtual Debit Card Apps Providers in India

Top Virtual Debit Card Apps in India – virtual debit card, virtual visa debit card, digital debit card, what is a virtual debit card, virtual debit card wallet, and virtual debit card bank of India.

Virtual Debit Card Apps – Today is the world of digitization. The online shopping concept is increased in the last few years. And our government promotes a digital India campaign to increase online activities like shopping, online transactions. But some banks still do not support online payments. And they do not provide you the facility of Virtual debit card. The virtual debit card similar to your regular debit card.  When a user uses their regular debit card then there is a risk of the transaction. To conquer this problem you can use your virtual debit card.

A virtual debit card eliminates all security risks. The main use of virtual debit is to do online transactions. That is why this card is known as an electronic debit card (e-card). This e-card basically created for online payment purposes. It provides some great features like online transactions without primary card or account details. You can use your Virtual debit card in India anywhere where you want.

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virtual debit card apps
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virtual debit card apps

Virtual Debit Card/Virtual Visa Debit Card Means?

What is a virtual debit card?

A virtual debit card is an App-based card which is provided by the respective bank. This virtual debit card can be of any type such as Rupay, Mastercard, or Virtual Visa Debit Card and you can get a virtual debit card for free. It is also called a digital debit card. The virtual card can be used for online payments for shopping, food ordering, mobile recharge and bill payments, etc. They act as same as your physical debit/credit cards can be used.

What is a Virtual debit card wallet?

Some of the banks offer Virtual debit card wallets too. You can add money to your virtual debit card wallet and used it whenever and wherever you want.

What does a digital debit card mean?

A digital debit card means is the same thing. Some people call it a digital debit card and some call it a virtual debit card.

What virtual visa debit card?

This virtual or digital card comes with different types they are Rupay, Mastercard, Visa card. It depends upon the virtual debit card bank of India which card they are providing. It may differ from virtual debit card apps to apps.

Does these virtual debit card free?

Most of the virtual debit card free or takes minimum processing charges for opening an account.

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Key Features of Virtual Debit Card/Virtual Visa Debit Card

Higher Flexibility

  • All cardholders can pay easily in his bank accounts which has internet banking enabled.
  • The virtual debit card can transfer any amount to your bank account.
  • A virtual debit card accepts any merchant site and accepts Visa and Master Debit/ Credit card.
  • Once you complete your KYC then your transaction limit will Its initial limit of the transaction is Rs.20000.

Fully Secured

  • Because of the virtual card, you don’t need to share your main debit/credit card details for any merchant. And you can safe your primary account with a merchant.
  • All regular debit/credit card does not need an OTP, for the same reason the security does less. But the Virtual debit card is verified through OTP (one-time-password) and makes your transactions safe.
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A virtual debit card is easy to use

  • No requirement of registration of an account at the use time
  • All persons who have internet banking they can easily create a virtual debit card.
  • The virtual debit card gives you lots of offers and discounts on transactions.


You don’t need to put your virtual debit card in your wallet this card is present on the bank’s app always when you want to transfer some money then it requires an OTP.  Feel free with your card losing issues, and also free from loss of card. The virtual card will never be lost.

Virtual Debit Card Apps Providers in India

Here is the list of virtual debit cards apps. These are the best virtual debit card bank of India.


Pockets by ICICI Bank

This is an e-wallet powered by Visa. You can transfer money to any bank to do Mobile recharge, send money shop online, pay bills, and many more. This is a mobile-based application available for all banking services.

ICICI bank virtual credit card gives you various services of transfer money. When you download its application then you make your Id and after you can get your ICICI virtual card. ICICI Pockets physical card has no charges. There are lots of online discounts that offer available on the ICICI virtual debit card. You can pay utility bills, DTH, Mobile recharge, book movies, and many more.

The registration process is very simple

  • Download the mobile app
  • Enter your all details
  • Create a user ID and Password

811 by Kotak Bank

Kotak 811 virtual debit card/ Kotak virtual debit card – Open your account in Kotak 811 by downloading the Kotak 811 mobile app. You can easily register with your Aadhaar number, PAN, and other basic documents. The account opening age should be more than 18 years. This is an individual account for users. Your Aadhaar and PAN numbers are mandatory for any users who want to open his account.

Now Kotak opens an account with zero balance so there is no need for minimum balance requires. Your Kotak debit card will not take any extra charge to you. If you want your card as physically then you will need to pay some money. If you think about how to get a virtual debit card in Kotak 811 then you will need to complete your KYC with your Basic document. Then you will receive your virtual debit card.

Once you open your account then you can get Kotak 811 virtual debit card. And you can get more offers with your Kotak virtual debit card, and pay bills and to do recharge and many more.

DigiPurse by Union Bank

Union bank DigiPurse wallet is the best online service providing bank. Its card is able to transfer money international virtual debit card India. It is powered by a Visa card and you can top up Rs.500/- to a maximum of Rs.10000/- month.

Just download its mobile app. its app available for android, IOS, and Windows. Once you registered on it then there are no charges for registration.    

The registration process is very simple

  • Download the mobile app
  • Verify your mobile number
  • Enter all basic details

Virtual Card by State Bank 

The state bank virtual card is also the best Virtual card. You can make payments easily by it. The Visa powered gives you permission to make payments minimum of Rs. 100 and maximum for Rs. 50000. The card is available for various use of incudes Domestics. Once you complete your KYC then you will able to transfer money with other Banks. And take more benefits of virtual visa debit card India.

If you think about using a simple virtual debit card wallet then you can use it.

More Indian Bank Apps which provides a virtual debit card

  • Udio virtual debit card by RBL Bank
  • PayZapp by HDFC Bank
  • Payapt by IDBI Bank
  • Digibank credit card by DBS
  • M Clip by Bank Of Baroda
  • Yes Pay by Yes Bank ∗∗

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Q. What is a virtual debit card

A virtual debit card means this is an App-based card that is provided by Bank. And you get a virtual debit card for free. These virtual cards are also known as a digital debit card.

Q. How to get a virtual debit card?

  • Visit the website/App
  • Go to the Virtual card page
  • Choose the card type like Rupay, Mastercard, Visa Card, etc
  • Apply and provide the required details and documents.
  • Wait for verification and you are good to go.

Q. How to get an International virtual debit card India?

An international virtual debit card is nothing but the type of card which supports international transactions. For this, you can choose a virtual visa card. A virtual Visa card supports all types of international transactions.

Q. How to get a virtual debit card in Kotak 811?

  • Visit the Kotak 811 bank website or download the App
  • Go to the Virtual card page
  • Choose the card type like Rupay, Mastercard, Visa Card, etc
  • Fill in the required details and provide documents.
  • Wait for verification and you are good to go.

Q. Steps for digibank credit card apply online?

If you want to digibank credit card visit the official website

By click on the link. Just fill in all the details and click on apply.

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