Uc Browser Unlimited Refer Trick Added – Refer & Earn ₹3000 PayTM Cash


uc browser refer earn
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uc browser refer earn

Hello Guys, Finally UC Browser is back with a New Loot, This Time They Are Giving Rs. 3000 Free Paytm Cash To The Users Who Successfully Complete Refers Limit.

This Offer is Available Only For Android Users who can install UC Browser on their phones. So If You have owned an Android Mobile, Then This is the Best Chance to Win Rs. 3000 Paytm Cash By Refer & Earn.

Follow Below Steps & You Will Have Rs.3000 Real Cash in Paytm Wallet/Bank Account.

How To Win Rs. 3000 Paytm Cash From UC Browser Refer & Earn

1, First Of All, Just Download The UC Browser From Here Or Open The Page in UC Browser

UC Browser – Download / Join Link 

UC browser Refer Code – 28844123 (Important to get Rs 200 Signup bonus)

2. Now Open the UC Browser App and click here or copy the below link and submit it Bit.ly/referlink  it & Click on Submit Button.

uc browser unlimited trick
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uc browser unlimited trick


3. Now Click On The “Profile Section” & Sign in Or Signup With Google Or Facebook to get your own Refer Code.

4. Now Click On Menu Button & You Will See Uc Browser Language Fest Offer

Refer Code – 28844123 (To get Rs 200 Signup Bonus )

uc browser refer and earn
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uc browser refer and earn

5. On Next Page Just Click On “Enter The Invite Code” to Earn Rs. 200 signup bonus


6. Done. You have got a Signup Bonus.

uc browser unlimited refer and earn
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uc browser unlimited refer and earn

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UC Browser Unlimited Refer & Earn Trick –

All Phone Uc browser refer earn Unlimited Trick 1 :

  • Download – Parallel Spec App
  • Open The App & Create Dual Mode Of Uc Browser
  • After Separate New Uc Browser. Open It
  • Click On Offer Banner
  • Try Your Lick For 3 Time
  • Now Delete / Uninstall Uc Browser Separate Browser
  • Open Again Parallel Spec App & Again Create Uc Browser Separate Option
  • Open Again & Try Your Luck
  • Try This Process Again & Again

All Mobiles Uc browser refer earn Unlimited Trick 2 :

  • Or You Can Create A New User Account From Settings
  • Download Uc Browser From Play store
  • Open App
  • Delete New User
  • Create Again New User
  • Download Uc Browser
  • Try Luck
  • Unlimited Trick

Redmi Phone Uc browser refer earn Unlimited Trick 3 :

  • Go-to Setting Option
  • Then Click On Dual Mode App
  • Find Out Uc Browser App
  • Create Uc Dual Mode
  • Open New Uc Browser & Try Your Luck
  • Remove Or Uninstall Second Uc
  • Create Again
  • Try This Method For Unlimited Trick

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UC Browser Online Refer & Earn Script –

We are working on the Online Script. Once it is completed we will update it.

Steps To Earn From UC Browser Refer & Earn Program :

Step 1- Click on Share & Win option and send you refer code to your friends and family.
Step 2- Your friends open the link and enter the code on UC Browser.
Step 3- Your friends help you unlock the city, unlock cash!

Tip – You may win up to Rs.200 from every friends’ help
Tip – Redeem your cash when you reach the minimum redemption Rs.3000.
Tip – The more friends you invite, the more money you can collect.

Frequently Asked Questions of UC Browser Refer and Earn.

We have received many questions related to UC browser refer and earn offer on our telegram channel. So, here in this section, we are adding the frequently asked questions of UC browser refer and earn unlimited trick.

Question: What is UC Browser Language Fest Refer and Earn?

Answer: UC browser offers 3000 Rs for referring your friends who signups using your invite code.

Question: How much do I get as a Signup bonus?

Answer: You will get Rs 200 if you download from this link and add our UC browser refer code 28844123

Question: Do we really get Rs 3000 if we complete the UC browser refer and earn?

Answer: Yes, why not, you will get Rs 3000 on completing the UC refer and earn program. Last time they have given Rs 5000 to many of us in their Uc refer and earn program.

Question: What is the last date for the offer? up to which date we can use this uc refer and earn offer to complete Rs 3000?

Answer: We have approx one week time. The UC browser refer and earn program will end on 2nd of January 2020, 23:59:59 (IST)

Daily Task to win more money every day from UC Browser Refer & Earn Program.

(1) You can help one friend per day. You can help one friend once! Both you and your friend can get cash.
(2) You can get cash by sharing funny statuses every day.
(3) You can get cash by answering funny dialect quiz every day.
(4) You can get cash by checking local hotspots every day.
Tip – After completing these tasks, please draw the money on the day you complete the tasks. If you forget to draw, you’ll need to complete the tasks again the next day.

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How to redeem the bonus?

You need to collect a minimum of Rs. 3000 to redeem the cash before the game is over:

1 – Each user can only redeem Rs.3000 once during the activity.
2- Every user can only redeem Rs.3000, even if you get over Rs.3000.
3 – You need to login to redeem the bonus. During the activity, one account can only be logged in by one phone! Download app

Activity period

23/12/2019 00:00:00- 02/01/2020 23:59:59 (IST)

What should do if the bonus is over?

(1) Users redeem the cash on a FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE basis. Please redeem the cash before running out.
(2) If the cash is sold out today, additional charges may be added on the next day before the activity is over. Just stay tuned!
(3) If you are not able to redeem the cash before the activity is over, the rest money in your account will have lapsed when the activity is over.

How to get the cash?

(1) If you have redeemed the cash, to make sure the cash can be delivered successfully, please submit completed and valid information before 05/01/2020 23:59:00(IST). The cash will be delivered before 05/02/2020 23:59:00(IST).
(2) If you have redeemed vouchers, please use these before they expire.

Note To Users –

  • Kindly DO NOT uninstall or clear the records of your UC Browser during the campaign. UC Browser is not responsible for any lost information/money/bonus because of uninstalling.
  • If a participant is proven to have cheated in this game, his/her prizes will be canceled. The game is not available for cheating participants.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions, please share it with us in the “Feedback” section at the upper right corner.

Way to pick the Winner:

The user who collects enough money to redeem the cash successfully before the prizes are over. First come, first serve.

uc browser refer earn
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