Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Updates 2019:Releasing soon in August

Based on the rumors so far, Samsung appears to get new cameras, faster charging and an
improved S Pen in upcoming Galaxy Note 10.

The second reason there might be a name change is that Samsung may launch multiple
variants of this Note 10 (we will talk more about this in later). Since the Galaxy Note line has
always been one device with every launch, Samsung might think it appropriate to start a new line this time around.

A new report all but confirms this shift to the upcoming phone. Samsung submitted the Note 10 to the Federal Communications Commission for approval, and leaked pictures from that filing demonstrate that the new phone will not have a headset jack. Bring on the dongles!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Name and launch date

Galaxy Note 10 Benchmarks
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Galaxy Note 10 Benchmarks

The Galaxy Notice 10 arrives at a particularly challenging time for Samsung. Not only will the
new phone face the regular job of attempting to steal some of Apple’s thunder in advance of the
iPhone 11 launch, but Samsung is essentially competing with itself now. After all, the Galaxy
S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 5G both offer enormous screens: how does the Note 10 stand out from its fellow Samsung phones?

The S-Pen gets refreshed in 2019

Usually, Samsung starts the latest entry in the S line earlier in the year and then launches the
newest entry in the Note line towards the end. While the S line usually has the latest processor
and tons of superior features, the Note line is generally just as strong but with much more
features thrown in. This makes the Note lineup the most expensive on Samsung’s roster (aside
from the Samsung GalaxyFold, which still doesn’t have a release date).

There are a couple reasons for the possibility of another name. The first and most obvious is
the fact that there’s been a Note apparatus with a”10″ in its name: the Samsung Galaxy Notice
10.1 tablet, which launched with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in 2012. Although it’s been
over seven years since the launch of the device, Samsung may want to prevent any advertising
confusion that could occur with two devices having such similar names.

Some people today feel that Samsung’s use of the “Da Vinci” code-name points to a big
upgrades for the S Pen and its functionality with drawing and artwork. There is not much else to
go on in a Softpedia study on the Da Vinci name and the S Pen, but the Galaxy Note does
deliver S Pen upgrades each year — with the Note 9, Samsung added Bluetooth connectivity — so obviously something big could be in the works for artists.

This change may not go over so well with long-time users, however, the Galaxy Note 10 could
be the first Samsung smartphone not to ship using a headset jack. A report from ETNews first broke the news and it’s since been amplified in subsequent Note 10 renders. The move could mean that future Samsung flagships beyond the Note 10 could similarly ship with no headphone jack.

One noteworthy addition that’s rumored to come preinstalled on the Galaxy Note 10 is
Microsoft’s Your Phone Companion, which joins up Android telephones to Windows 10 devices
with many helpful features like synced apps and video/photo sharing. Apple users have had
this ability for some time already, so the fact it is taking two businesses (three if you count
Google too ) to work together to get rivaling functionality off the ground is somewhat
embarrassing. Still, the features seem useful and the inclusion on a significant handset release such as this could see Microsoft’s integration app get some more love from consumers.

We haven’t heard much about the programs that the Note 10 will contain. It’s pretty much a
given that the phone will operate on Android 9 Pie, and will come with Samsung’s One UI along
with all the pre-installed Samsung apps that accompany it.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9, 2018, with the Note10 hitting store
shelves on August 24. It’s likely we will see a similar reveal-to-availability timeline with
the Note 10.

For what it’s worth, a tweet from Samsung Indonesia that was then deleted featured a movie that touted the productivity-boosting features of the Galaxy Note 10. Then again, considering that Samsung has always positioned the Note as the phone for power users, this is hardly a large shift in strategy.

There’s just a little under a month before the reveal of the followup to last year’s Samsung
Galaxy Note9, so we now have a great idea of what to expect. In this rumor hub, we’ll compile
all the credible bits of advice we find related to the Note 10.

So long headphone jack?

The Techmaniacs report on the Note 10’s specs provides at least some tips about new features
coming to the S Pen. That report expects more Air Controller features such as the ability to
switch between photos without touching the Note 10’s screen and new sound effect capacities for when you’re taking notes with the S Pen. We will let you know all the latest Samsung Galaxy Note updates right here.

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