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Hey Shoppers, How is your shopping going on? You may be shopping from amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm, Clubfactory,  or many more. Once you have placed the order you may be surely checking the delivery date or checking Myntra logistics tracking order of the product that you have just ordered.

Myntra is one of the best fashion E-commerce websites to buy products online. The Myntra offers a variety of products from different categories and most of the people consider buying clothes and fashion products online from Myntra. If you have ever ordered something online from Myntra.

In our case, yes, we do, isn’t it? As we have just placed an order of our product that we love or need. You may have ordered a pleasant gift for your love. Or you may have ordered a DSLR camera for you to continue your hobby. And you keep trying to find the tracking order details of the product. Once we have ordered the products many of us start tracking and searching Myntra logistics track, Myntra logistics near me, Myntra logistics online tracking, Myntra logistics tracking shipway.

Myntra logistics for tracking the order and Myntra logistics contact number

Myntra logistics: Myntra logistics tracking
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Myntra logistics tracking status

Some of us may have trouble tracking the order from Myntra or Myntra logistics tracking. So, Just follow the article and you can easily track your orders from Myntra. And in the same way, Myntra logistics tracking Jabong order can also be done.

So in Myntra tracking, you may be wondering about Myntra logistics number or Myntra logistics tracking status. Here how you can Track Myntra courier order, Myntra tracking India with order ID & Myntra delivery status checking. Tracking your order is pretty easy on It’s very easy to get Myntra Logistics tracking status through the online tracker system. All you need is Myntra Logistics tracking AWB number/Myntra logistics tracking code/order id / Reference number.

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Click on the Button below to track your Myntra order status online –

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How To Track Myntra Logistics Tracking Courier?

Follow these steps for Myntra order tracking –

Myntra tracking logistics
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Myntra login
  • Once login click on My Orders.
  • Now you can see all the recent products that you have ordered from the Myntra.
  • Now select the product you want to track.
  • Click on the view details option.
  • Now your Myntra logistics tracking status will reflect on your screen.

Myntra Tracking Order Online – Myntra Logistics Tracking

Myntra Tracking: myntra tracking order
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Myntra Tracking Order Online – Myntra Logistics Tracking

Once you have placed your orders in You can track your Myntra logistics.

Myntra tracking can be done online using Myntra tracking using the Myntra app. Myntra logistics online tracking can also be done from the android and IOS apps.

  1. Click here for tracking Myntra order from the Myntra  Official site
  2. Track Myntra tracking order  from your Android app  – Android App
  3. Myntra Tracking order from IOS application – Myntra IOS app
  4. Myntra logistics tracking Using Windows  OS

Steps:- How to track Myntra logistics order status

For tracking orders from Myntra logistics tracking code can be used to get the tracking information of your order. You can track your order in many different ways.

How do I track my order on Myntra Android App

The official app of Myntra available for both the Android ad IOS operating system. Follow the below steps to track your order from the mobile app.

  • Install the App from the PlayStore or App Store.
  • Open the App
  • Log in with your Myntra account.
  • Click on the 3 bars at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now Select my order option
  • Choose the product/order, which you want to get the details to track your order.
  • Click on view details
  • Now you can check the exact location of your order and estimated arrival time.

How can I track Myntra order from Myntra Logistics?

The official website of Myntra also provides the Myntra logistics track you don’t need App for this. Both the App and website can help you in Myntra logistics online tracking, all you may need is Myntra logistics tracking code fro tracking Mynta courier.

  • Follow the below steps to track your order from the website
  • Open Myntra official Website
  • Click on the human vector that is Profile in the right side header.
  • Choose the Sign In option and log in to your Myntra account
  • After this, click on the My Orders tab.
  • Now can get the list of all the products you have ordered from Myntra
  • Check the delivery line under the order details to track the exact location of your order.

Myntra logistics tracking status  or Myntra courier tracking by Myntra Customer Care

Myntra logistics customer care - myntra contact number
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Myntra logistics customer care – myntra contact number

What if Myntra tracking order is not showing clearly for your orders. You don’t worry about you can even track Myntra courier of your orders From Myntra customer case support.

You may be searching for the Myntra logistics courier contact number or Myntra logistics contact number or even how to track the Myntra logistics courier.

How to Track Myntra order with the help of Myntra customer care?

Myntra logistics courier contact number can be found on the official website and social media handles which can be used for tracking using your Myntra logistics tracking code.

For Myntra courier tracking, You can contact Myntra customer care  in two ways 

  • Myntra logistics customer care Call/Chat –  080 6156 1999
  • Myntra logistics customer care Email – mail  at  [email protected]

Some Other Myntra tracking shipway Instructions to be followed to track Myntra order.

  • Myntra tracking shipway provides the order number and the courier name in my order section history page.
  • Just click on the direct tracking link to see the delivery status on the pop-up window
  • You can also track the order number with your email address.
  • Contact customer support for any other help related to Myntra courier tracking
  • Submit your email address registered on Myntra to display the list of orders that have been placed.

Myntra order Number Format 8239287 and the courier tracking number format will depend on the logistics company from the Myntra.

Which courier service is used by Myntra?

Myntra uses there own courier company that is called Myntra Logistics to ship products to there customers. Users can track their orders by the Myntra Logistics tracking tool.

What is Myntra Logistics?

Myntra Logistics is a courier shipment company that is owned and managed by Myntra itself to ensure quick delivery and returns.

How many days does Myntra take to deliver products?

Myntra deliver their products with Myntra Logistics courier to there customers. In metropolitan areas, users can opt for even NEXT DAY DELIVERY who need the product quickly. Else users can choose a standard delivery time that is 7 days but ost probably it takes 3 days while in Tier 2 cities it takes 6-7 days to deliver the product. In Tier 3 cities too Myntra doesn’t take more than 7-8 days to deliver.

Myntra Official Website:

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Myntra logistics: Myntra logistics tracking
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