Why Instagram Should Be On Top Of Your Online Advertising Budget?

There are many social media platforms available for brands to choose and decide which platform they want to use to market their product. They may end up choosing one or multiple platforms to carry out the promotion or campaigns of their products by using the unique features of as many platforms as they can.

What is Different About Instagram?

Here is where Instagram becomes different from any other medium. Unlike most of its competitors, Instagram is a highly visual medium. The whole basis of the application is dependent on photos and videos with short captions to complement them. According to Yotpo, Instagram beats its competitors like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn by a considerable margin when it comes to social media traffic.

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With its concept of looking content over with hashtags and finding content similar to your interests, Instagram has facilitated marketing on its platform for consumers to be connected to the type of ads they would want to see.

The user interface of the brand differs from its competitors and provides them with comfort like no other. Due to these benefits of advertising on Instagram, the platform has become the perfect place where brands can interact with their users in a more friendly and close manner. This helps in breaking the barrier between an advertiser and consumer and makes the relationships with brands more personal.

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Benefits of Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising benefits are that the users on Instagram are 58 times more likely to engage with brands than on Facebook and 120 times more than on Twitter. Also, 90% of the top 100 global brands use Instagram on a regular basis to promote and brand their content. Surely if they are benefiting from this platform, you can too.

Given these statistics, you should consider making Instagram the top priority for your marketing campaign. But keep in mind that it is also equally important to balance this with a good marketing strategy on other platforms as well.

Instagram has several options where you can put these videos in a way that if your content is short and under a minute, you could upload it as a post. If it is more personalized and your preference is short-term, you can add it to your story, and if it is a long video that divulges into details, you can put up an IGTV video that will forever stay in your feed.

These options are suitable for every brand, and no matter what your promotion strategy is, you will surely find one way that caters perfectly to your campaign.

The InVideo Difference

InVideo has therefore developed various tools and templates, especially for promotion on Instagram in the form of videos. Since we know that Instagram is highly perceived as a visual medium, what other places would be better to put up your brand promotion videos? Here are some ways in which InVideo makes advertising on Instagram much easier and convenient for your brand.

1. Templates for all formats

Since we know that one can upload videos on Instagram in many formats, it can be overwhelming to learn that you might have to make videos in all these formats and put them up in a short period of time. When it comes to this, InVideo’s ready-made templates are all you need.

Be it IGTV videos, stories, or simply videos you put out in the form of posts, InVideo has templates for all of them. All you have to do is simply look for the format of the template you wish to use, and start editing! This feature works best for professionals who have to make several videos in a day and do not have the time to edit each video from scratch.

2. Variety of templates

It’s not the template formats that offer you a variety, but also the genres. On InVideo’s website, you will find templates of all sorts, and most of the time, they will match perfectly with the type of content you need. Some template examples include festivals like St. Patrick’s Day, Gym promotion videos, employee appreciation day, women empowerment videos, wildlife posters, poetry videos, etc.

The templates also include many intro and filler type videos that you can use as snippets to add more value to your content. Some of them include a group of people laughing, friends playing a game together, frustrated people, people using their phones, etc.

3. Editing options

Once you have chosen a template and started editing it, InVideo even offers you several customizations within its templates. You can add new media from your personal collection or choose from the options they have, or you can add audio and sound according to the tone of your advertisement.

Not only this, the website even offers users various stickers, effects, text fonts, colors, and many such specifications that are difficult to come by on any other website. You can use the stickers to add the element of fun to your video, whereas using effects contributes to the intrigue that the video creates. While all this is important, make sure the text you use along with the font, its color, and sizing is appropriate as well. All these formats are small but essential details that an editor should keep in mind to make their videos better.

Even after using all these features, you have the option of uploading your own files and merging them with your templates and creating a whole, brand new ad.


InVideo caters to its users’ needs of producing deadline-based content while keeping up with its quality. At the same time, it understands the needs of the customers and the way in which they will respond to advertisements and promotions on several platforms.

Keeping this in mind, the templates and features have been designed on the website. Also, promotion on Instagram is extremely cost-efficient and can fit well in any budget. It is light on the pocket but as impactful as any other strategy.

So, before anything else, re-brand your marketing strategy and see how quickly these video-based advertisements attract your audience. Using InVideo, you can get Instagram story template free along with templates for posts and other videos. Reshape your video making and editing skills with InVideo right away and watch the campaigns and promotions work in your favor.

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