Illumineye Digital Signage – Best Digital Signage Software?

Illumineye Digital Signage

Digital signage software, media players and remote management. It’s everything you need.

We live in a world of internet information. Information is both viral and fast-changing. Managing and displaying that information can be an industry in itself until now Illumineye DS from VXL software.  It is a complete digital signage software. It is designed for a massive range of usage from advertising and point of sale. Affordable to any size of organizing IDS has three main components: running on ms windows,


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Illumineye Creator digital signage software lets you build your own digital displays quickly and easily. Start with one of our templates, and add a huge range of media with just a few clicks.

Everything needed to design digital signs. Except for the designer. Powerful, feature-rich digital signage software that’s easy to use, delivering creative digital signs in minutes.

Remarkably easy-to-use digital signage software

Starting with one of our professionally designed templates (or a blank canvas) creating a digital sign with Illumineye Creator is a simple matter of adding whatever media you want to display: text, images, video, tickers and much more.

Illumineye creator allows you to quickly layout media to be’s designed to be easy be used, you need not be a graphic designer. As you would expect it can handle a massive range of live data and media types including videos, images, text, audio, stickers, webcam feed, live tv, QR codes, ms office docs, adobe flash files and many many more.

It also supports interactive videos and adaptive campaigns. Our templates can get you up running quickly, handling portrait and landscape displays with ease. And a wide range of formatting options such as shadow, transparency, rotations, and reflections. Allow you to polish your work.


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Illumineye Manager is a proven, powerful, enterprise-class remote management tool that enables you to deploy, update and schedule your digital signage, wherever they are in the world.

Illumineye Manager

Schedule, control, manage, update … and more.

Illumineye Manager delivers comprehensive digital signage management and reporting – from anywhere in the world.

Precise digital signage management

It doesn’t matter how many digital signs or billboards you have. It doesn’t matter where they are. From one to hundreds or thousands, Illumineye Manager gives you an incredible level of control.

Vxl software ds manager allows you to schedule and manage your content.  Sending it to the Illumineye DS media player that allows you to play and also enabling you to change ease. You can schedule contents to display at specific times with defined intervals, repetition and much more. 


Illumineye’s HD and 4K media players are compact, powerful multimedia devices. They are fully certified eco-friendly low-power ‘thin client’ media players, proven in millions of installations across the globe.

Illumineye media players.

Play HD and 4K content. Low power. Near-zero maintenance. Digital signage media players, from the company with millions of thin-client devices, installed worldwide. 1080 HD. 4K UHD. Digital audio.

Petite yet powerful, the Illumineye media players are full-featured multimedia devices, capable of driving up to x2 4K UHD displays and with crystal clear digital audio.

Finally, IDS dedicated player software displays your content on the screen panel of your choice from our powerful low-cost media player. Able to drive single screen all video or walls. IDS is ideal for retail stores, airports, restaurants, hospitals, filling stations and many other uses, It’s even perfect for small businesses for displaying sales and supports statistics for example.

A low-cost complete software solution, IDS has no hidden extras, it’s everything you need. IDS from VXL software, uncomplicated, flexible and powerful signage.

How Illumineye works?

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Illumineye’s digital signage software, media players and management tools are designed from the ground up to work as a complete integrated solution. It’s everything you need – you just add displays.

Illumineye Digital Signage

How it works

Illumineye is a comprehensive software and hardware solution which enables you to create, deploy and manage digital signage displays and campaigns.

It’s everything you need – just add displays

Illumineye is an integrated software suite that works seamlessly with our range of media players. It’s a complete solution that’s fully scalable, suitable for every kind of organization from small/medium businesses through to international organizations. 

No ongoing fees: perpetual license

Unlike a lot of today’s software, Illumineye is purchased via a perpetual license – which means that there are no uncomfortable ongoing fees for the software itself. Support is included for the first year and is optional thereafter.

Software to create, manage and display

Our integrated digital signage software suite comprises three easy-to-use applications:

  • Illumineye Creator – a template-based design package created for people who aren’t professional designers. Media content is added by dragging and dropping and there are lots of formatting options.
  • Illumineye Manager – a powerful campaign management tool which allows you to schedule as much content as you want, on as many players as you need, anywhere in the world.
  • Illumineye Player – this resides on our media players and is responsible for playing the content pushed out by Illumineye Manager. 

Low-cost, low-power media players

Our media players are small but pack a multimedia punch, able to support HD and 4K UHD displays and digital audio. They have no moving parts, are ecologically sound and are designed to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Global support, proven worldwide

Illumineye Digital Signage is backed by a global sales and support network. It’s the ideal choice for both local and international organizations – and provides an excellent partnering opportunity for digital signage/audio -visual resellers around the world.


About VXL Technology and VXL Software

VXL Technology is a market leader in Thin Clients and ranked 5th in India in this sector by IDC in 2017
& 2018 respectively. VXL Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. specializes in software solutions including
digital signage and Unified Endpoint Management. Founded in 1976, Priya Ltd supplies innovative
hardware and software solutions that help and support businesses across the world to build an IT
infrastructure that is efficient, flexible, secure and cost-effective.

Illumineye Digital Signage – for more information, you can visit:

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