How to see who has sent message on sarahah app?

What is Sarahah app?

Sarah is an Arabic word which means honesty. Sarahah is an anonymous app which is used to take feedback from the people. The people submit feedback about you anonymously. According to the play store description, “sarahah help people self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback”.

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The best part that I like is that honesty is delivered anonymously. It can be downloaded from Play Store, iOS Store and even can visited through website its website you have to just search sarahah app on your App Store. The sarahah app website is

It is a type of anonymous app in which user shares his feedback anonymously about you. In this app you can get feedback about you from your friend’s relatives teachers as well as from strangers too. The sarahah app also helps us to develop ourselves from taking feedback from some real peoples. Who gave his honest feedback without revealing their identity.

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Now the question is how to see who has messaged me on sarahah app?

In other words, can we know the identity of the people who send us their feedback. Peoples are searching for how to see who has sent message on sarahah app?

The answer is a big No. We are not able to know who is sending us there feedback. We can see just the message they send us. The app is fully secure in the concept of Identity. No one really knows that who has to send the message or the feedback to us. The Identity of this message sender is not revealed by the app.

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However many of the articles on the net and some of the videos on YouTube are saying that they can see the identity of feedback sender but in reality they all are fake. And no one knows who is sending us the feedback. I have personally tried some of the tricks and the step shown in the videos to know the identity of feedback Sander or the message sender. But I am unable to find the identity from any tricks that are on the internet.

This proves that no one can know the identity of the feedback sender as the app promise to their uses. The app claims that the user’s identity is secured and cannot be revealed by anyone at any cost.

We have to download or sarahah app website is also available on:-

  • Sarahah app for android (on play store)
  • Sarahah ios app
  • Sarahah window app
  • sarahah app website or sarahah website.

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Now you can try sarahah app or sarahah app website by messaging about me anomalously. You can give your feedback about me or about this article . Just click the link and give your feedback. Link –

who has sent message on sarahah app
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