How to earn money on facebook page and facebook groups

Earn money on facebook page and facebook groups.

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Hey Readers…Using Facebook yet don’t have an idea about How to earn money on facebook page and groups so here is another an existing article for you all.

Everyone is using top social media platforms (social sites) now a days. Many people use fanpage facebook i.e, making the fanpage of any celebrity on facebook. We use Facebook, twitter, WhatsAap, instagram, web and social media other social sites.On every social media sites there are lots of pages and groups which shares many posts. You wonder why they work on pages and groups. For money $$$$ ! yes you read it correctly for money they earn money by facebook page, groups etc.

Today we will share all the ways through will you will earn money on  facebook page and groups.

People are using biggest social media platforms. Facebook is one of the best social media platforms. Different social media platforms having pages  If you want to earn money on facebook page and groups start connecting to people on social sites. People who have Facebook pages with good number of likes and good number of members in facebook group have higher chances of earning since that is where you don’t have limitation. Facebook profile cannot have more than 5,000 friends. Facebook pages and groups do not possess any limitation. It is recommend  you all to focus either on  Facebook page or group to start. As a facebook page food processor best rated can get some good numbers of likes. From this article you can know all the way to earn money from social sites. So not taking much of yours time lets get started.

Steps to earn money on facebook page and facebook groups.

Let’s See Facebook monetization process in to two simple steps.

  1. Firstly:- Achieving good number of Facebook page likes / group members.
  2. Secondly:- Generating revenue /earn by facebook page / group.

1. Firstly:- Achieving good number of Facebook page likes / group member

  • Find a niche(topic) for Facebook page or group. You should choose the topic that will grab a lot of users attention.
  • Choose a eye caching name.
  • Make a attractive profile picture and cover picture (note- make your own pictures don’t copy from others)

Let us divide the Facebook pages and groups separately so that you can better understand the whole process.

Get Facebook Page Likes

  1. Create a new Facebook page through this link with compelling page name. Your page name should be unique as it is very important since this will encourage people to like your facebook page.
  2. Upload an attracting profile picture and cover photo to your facebook page.
  3. Start inviting your friends to like your Facebook page.
  4. Ask your friends to share your Facebook page to their timeline and all other different social sites.
  5. Start posting user engaging content like images/videos so that people may share your posts and this will help you will get more number of likes on your facebook page.
  6. Posting things on trending topics that are more likely to get likes, comments, and shares.
  7. Sharing different types of affiliates and others links.

Get Facebook Group Members

  1. First of all Create a Facebook group (NNote: privacy should be as Public for your group)
  2. Add all your facebook friends to that group.
  3. Post user engaging content like images / videos / messages /articles, etc so that people may like and share your posts and then their friends will also see your page, this will leds to get more members request to join the group.
  4. Posting things on trending topics that are more likely to get likes, comments and shares.
  5. Sharing different types of affiliates and others links.

Note:-Keep group post approval settings as “All group posts must be approved by an admin or a moderator” and prevent spam as much as possible so your group members may not get bored.

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2. Secondly:- Generating revenue / earn money on facebook page / facebook groups.

1. Drive traffic to a website : The best way of earning. Build a website for your page/group then drive traffic to your website by sharing the links of the articles on your facebook page /group . You can monetize the website with Google Adsense too. Like the our SkyFreestuff group on facebook has their website and we share the links of the articles on to our group to drive traffic.

2. Affiliate Marketing : If your facebook page is niche specific. You get a commission for every sale that comes from your affiliate link. You can register with multiple affiliate programs and grab the product/service links and post it to your Facebook page / group. You can join the affiliate program of amazonebay or any good affiliate network and find a product which is related to your niche, and you think is easy to sell. Get the affiliate link for that product and share it on your page, a good way of doing it is maybe by writing a review of the product and then sharing the link, that way you will get more conversions.

Some reputed Affiliate Programs wich are used by facebook pages and facebook groups.

3. Selling Your own product :  By Selling your own items will get much money. You can sell your own product on your facebook page/ group.You can sell anything either it could be a customized Mug, t-shirt,, Poster, art, facebook paages, facebook groups, instagram pages, website domain etc. There are many pages on facebook pages and groups doing this

4. Sign Up on a PPC network : This is one of the most commonly used method Pay-per-click or Cost per click (CPC) is an internet advertising model, used to direct traffic to websites. In this the advertisers will pay you as the number of times the ad is clicked. There are many networks out there like viral9 , Revcontent etc. You have to signup on networks and share their content on your page and earn money.

5. Promote to smaller Pages: When your facebook page and facebook groups grow big enough, then many people will contact you to promote their pages for some amount of money. Many pages are making good money through this method.

So guys this all for the process of earn money by facebook page and group. Every page and groups have a potential to get the good amount of money by investing a little time and have patience. You can also boost your facebook page by just investing only RS 69. Investing in boost is value for money you can get the good amount of likes on investing a small amount. If you want to know more about how to grow your facebook page then let me know in comments below. I will write about how to grow your page faster on facebook.

If you want any help or have query feel free to comment…!

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