What is GPG Dragon Box? Download GPG Dragon Box for Windows

GPG Dragon Box Setup for Windows

If you are looking for the GPG Dragon box then you are in the right Place. To Install and Download GPG Dragon Box on your Windows.

Most of the user has a doubt about “ What is GPG Dragon Box?” and “how to Install and Download GPG Dragon Box Setup”. For you People, we have made a Simple Guide on GPG Dragon Box Latest Setup with Driver free download.

What is GPG Dragon Box?

What is GPG Dragon
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What is GPG Dragon

GPG Dragon Box helps to flash your Mobile Phones. It automatically downloads the flash files by reading your flash memory.

It allows helps in unlocking the locked mobile phones. Also, it supports the Chinese Smartphones, MTK, NXP, Qualcomm, slabs, Anyka and SKY CPU’s.

It is used to flash mobile phones, repairs firmware, and search for pins. It is a Chinese mobile flashing tool which works based on various tools. Also, You are to download its full setup on your personal computer to get start the flashing of Chinese mobile phones.

Precautions: Before Flashing you just have a backup of your phone on your PC. Because once the flash completes there will be no data available on it. In simple words to Say, it is like Installing an OS on your Windows PC.

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Features of GPG Dragon Box

Gpg dragon box
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Gpg dragon box

GPG Dragon box has a lot of amazing features in it. Let’s check out some of the cool features one by one.

  • Helps to repair smartphone like MTK, Silabs based Android Devices.
  • Allows flashing the Android devices.
  • It has a Unique and Simple Interface.
  • GPG Dragon Box Software updates Automatically.
  • Allows unlocking all type of Android mobile Phones.

GPG Dragon Supported features


  • Write\read flash
  • Read unlock code
  • Repair IMEI
  • Repair touch screen

SPD (SpreadTrum)

  • Write/read flash
  • Read unlock code
  • Format
  • Repair IMEI


  • Write/read flash
  • Read information

Infineon 7880/7870

  • Write/read flash
  • Repair

Silabs 4901/4904

  • Read/write flash
  • Unlock
  • Format

Anyka 3223/3224

  • Write/read flash
  • Format
  • Unlock


  • Old models support via COM port and new models support via USB port
  • Read mobile code (unlock)

Software Support

  • MTK :write flash\read flash\read unlock code\repair imei\repair
  • SPD(Spreadtrum) :write flash\read flash\read the unlock code\format
  • NXP support: write\read flash and read information
  • Infineon support: write\read flash\repair after flash can read sim card
  • Silabs support :read\write flash\unlock\format

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Procedure for GPG Dragon Box Setup

Just follow the Below instruction to do the GPG Dragon box setup.

  1. Download the GPG Dragon box file from the Download section
  2. Downloading takes some time just hold on for few seconds. Actually, Downloading depends on the Internet speed.
  3. Once the download completes, Open the downloaded
  4. A new window appears, in that Just click on Install
  5. Installation starts automatically, wait till its completes.
  6. Once the Installation got over, Start using the GPG Dragon Box and Flash all your Mobile Phone


Hope that you got an idea about GPG Dragon and downloaded GPG Dragon box here. Our Team had made this Guide So simple that everyone can easily understand about the GPG Dragon box.

Still got any doubts regarding GPG Dragon Box Setup, just feel free to Comment Below. Our Team will reach you with a Better Solution to it. Just Subscribe on our Blog for the Latest Tweaks.

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What is GPG Dragon
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