How to format Instagram bio | Best Instagram profile template 2018

Format Instagram bio | Best Instagram profile template 2018

The below video Explains about Instagram Bio trick 2018. watch the video and read the complete article to fully get started with  Instagram bio and its tips.

How to format Instagram bio

How to format Instagram bio

Instagram is one of the most used platforms for sharing photos online. The Instagram is growing everyday with millions and millions of their active users. The most of the Instagram users are the youths. So the Businesses see huge potential to advertise their product and services to the users and increase their sales professionals. For this, you need instagram followers. The best instagram bio helps you to get more followers and this directly leads to increasing sales of products and services of your business on instagram. So what you are waiting for, here is you need for your instagram bio. In this article you will get to know about  instagram profile template, how to format instagram bio, how to center instagram bio, And also how to add link in instagram bio and how to add multiple links in instagram bio

Instagram profile template


Instagram profile template

Instagram profile template

In Instagram the instagram profile template includes

  • Username
  • Posts
  • Followers
  • Following
  • DP
  • And Edit Your Profile Option

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How to format Instagram bio

A good bio attracts everyone to follow you. Notwithstanding utilizing spaces and line breaks to alter your profile, you can likewise change the textual style and add emoticons to your Instagram bio.

How to change format of Instagram

To change the font style of instagram bio follow this steps

Step 1: Open the website  –

Step 2: Enter the content whose font style you need to change in the case that says Text here. You will see the content written in various text styles in the second box. Copy the text style that you like.

how to format instagram bio

how to format instagram bio

Step 3: Open Instagram and paste the text that you copied in the bio section.

Step4: Save it.

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How to add link in Instagram bio

Instagram provides the feature to add in Instagram bio. Now you can add your website link in your bio section of your instagram. Regardless of whether you need to include Facebook, Twitter or your image connect to Instagram, you can undoubtedly do that through Instagram profile settings.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your phone and click the Edit Profile button.

Step 2: On the Edit Profile screen, add your link in the Website section

Step 3: Save it

Instagram Bio Hacks 10

How to add multiple links in instagram bio

How to add multiple links in instagram bio

How to add multiple links in instagram bio

Each Instagram User has wished to add different connects to their profiles. Link Instagram gives you a chance to add just a single linkto the profile.

Be that as it may, don’t stress! Today, we will reveal to you a basic method to include various links. This is what you have to do

Step 1: Sign in using your Instagram account on Linktree. It’s a website that creates a simple and beautiful page where you can continuously add and remove links.

Step 2: Add links to your Linktree account.

how to add multiple links in instagram bio

how to add multiple links in instagram bio

Step 3: Once you have added all the links, copy the Linktree link and paste it into the Website section of your Instagram profile.

Instagram Bio Hacks 13

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How to center instagram bio

Everyone wants creativity. Show some creativity in your instagram bio too by adding text in the center. To center-align your instagram bio.

Step 1: Copy the spaces *⠀⠀⠀      ⠀⠀⠀⠀* between the two stars including the stars.

Step 2: Open your Instagram app on your phone and go to the bio section. Paste the spaces you copied above in the bio section of Instagram and start writing your bio after the second star.

Instagram Bio Hacks 6

Step 3: Once you are done, remove the stars. Be careful to remove the stars only and not the spaces.

Step4: Save your bio and it’ll maintain all the formatting.

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