Everything you need to know about Pan Card

A PAN card is one of the essential document in Indian financial context. Every individual participating in the monetary context is expected to possess a PAN card. PAN is referred to Permanent Account Number which is a 1-digit alphanumeric code assigned to individuals or taxpayers in India. PAN card is mandatory for every individual for any financial transactions such as opening a bank account or a bank cash deposit of more than Rs 50,000. This is most importantly used for filing tax returns.

Given the importance, most of us tend to carry it with us. At times, when you either lose it or require a correction in an existing PAN card.

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There can be a lot of possibilities for getting errors in PAN card details, with basic errors like incorrect spellings, date of birth or the change of communication and address etc. while these errors might not seem serious but it’s advisable to correct them at earliest.

The re-correction form can be filled online with the required changes should be ticked. Once done the documents can be submitted online while Permanent Account Number will remain exact. The changes are made by reissuing a new PAN card is a simple process. You can do so by applying for a PAN Correction Form online at ease of saving time and effort.

How to make changes or correction in PAN card?

For instance, if you have the necessary changes to make on the PAN card. The process to be followed online is simple unless you do it correctly. The following are the steps that should be followed by an applicant.

Step 1 The applicant need to visit the official www.myutiitsl.com and click on the CSF form to get the “Request for NEW PAN Card” and click on submit.

Step 2 Once you have done this click on the submit button

Step 3 You need to reimburse the required fees before you receive the acknowledgment number for the correction of PAN card.

Step 4 The applicant now required to keep the acknowledgment number safely to retrieve the status information later at some point in time.

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Which documents are required to update existing PAN details?

There are documents required as per the provisions are stated such as theft or loss of an existing PAN card should be furnished with the supporting documents pertaining to the application form. These documents are must have and whether you’re an individual or an entity.

  • Indian individuals and HUF

An Indian HUF applicant needs the following valid copies such as government ID proof, addresses proof or proof of DOB. The applicant also needs to furnish required documents with 2 passport size photographs along with the application.

  • Companies/Partnership with offices based in India

Companies or the entities with office based in India should have a copy of registration issued by the competent authority as their ID proof and to make re-correction in the existing PAN card details.

  • Companies/Firms/Partnership with office-based abroad

Entities that have no physical office operating in India are required to submit the copy of registration issued by the country-specific body and with duly attested by the Indian Embassy/High commission authorized officers. Also, they might need to furnish the required copy for the registration certificate approved by the Indian authority.

  • Foreign Citizen

Foreign citizen either residing in India or abroad should submit the ID proof in support of their application. It can be anything from the passport, citizenship identification number or a copy of PIO card.

  • Other foreign entities (Companies)

The entities have to have the ID or address proof or a registration certificate issued to the applicant by the Indian High Commission. A local copy of registration by the Indian authorities can be asked for.

Guidelines for filling PAN Card Correction form

PAN card details might be corrected or altered in certain cases such as change of name or misspelled the name. In such a situation, the application needs to submit the required documents to get it corrected. The correction form can be obtained online and the applicant has to submit the scanned copy of the documents through the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) website.

  • The PAN card form details should be filled in English
  • Applicant needs to provide the 10-digit PAN card number.
  • Name of an applicant should not carry Mr., Mrs., and Shri.
  • Father’s name should be entered in case of married women applicant
  • Address of correspondence should be mentioned with the town, city and PINCODE properly stated in the form. Mobile number and landline number should be mentioned along with ISD and STD code.
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