COUCHTUNER 2.0 – Watch Latest Movies, Series, TV Shows

CouchTuner seemed to be coming with lots of features and movies nowdays. The best part of it is that everything  can be watched in Couchtuner HD . Couch tuner is gaining a lot of news these days and is at its peak nowadays. The smart thought behind Couch-tuner 2.0 is the interest of peoples watching live movies streaming is available in Europe, Argentina, United States and various other countries. Who wouldn’t want the freedom of going out without the worry of missing your favourite daily TV Shows, Latest Movies and much more? Men fall over themselves at the opportunity to stream international matches at such a low cost, watching your favourite movies at leisure and no more fighting over the rights on the television. Each person has unlimited access to their guilty pleasures. Couchtuner HD gained popularity among Europe, United States which became the Only Source of streaming for Office Workers.

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Couchtuner is one of the best platform where one can easily stream there favourite Movies, TV Shows, Series and much more. So lets begin and know every single point about Couchtuner 2.0 for eu and ag countries. How to watch Movies, TV Shows and Latest Series for example Game Of Thrones. It is availble for free to everyone you don’t need to pay even a single penny for it with a simple tweak.

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Couchtuner is ready for use as an web portal. The best part about Couchtuner is that it offers a solution to the three major problems that plague us today.

  • Never having enough time.
  • Never having enough money.
  • An insatiable love for all things televised.


The idea of Couchtuner was hatched exclusively for the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia audience. It is common knowledge that the one thing that unites all the different generations of of various European Countries is the television. Often mock wars break out in households over who gets control over the TV remote. In such a scenario Couchtuner comes in as a life saver.

Having a registered account also lets you load playlists of must watch videos. You can even resume the streaming from the point where you had stopped. Couchtuner not only streams the new episodes of a Show but also provides us with all the episodes of all the seasons of a show from the beginning. Planning on binge watching your favourite series? Get settled with some popcorn and log onto Couchtuner anywhere anyplace.

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Since its launch in 2010 Couchtuner is in great demand. The biggest milestone was definitely their deal with HBO. After the launch of Couchtuner Game of thrones and its subsequently becoming the most pirated series ever, especially in South Asia, HBO has been actively working on making it available to users on a legal platform, and as a part of that they have signed a deal to bring it to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada etc. followers legally.

From just having a handful of TV shows and Movies in a few select languages, it has grown into a giant that claims a bounty of many of the most sought after TV shows and movies as well as sports in more than eight languages.


Here’s the list of some of the most popular shows on counchtuner.

  • Couctuner on Game of thrones
  • Rick and morty  streaming on couch-tuner
  • Fear the walking dead on couch tuner tv
  • Couchtuner the flash
  • Couch tuner American horror story

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It’s absolutely free, in the case of both cost and hassle. There is no compulsory need to even register in the Couchtuner network. All you have to do is either download the app or visit the Couch tuner web portal and go to town on it.

The spread of Couch-tuner like wild fire among the US, UK, Canada audience has changed things up a bit. Now, to ensure the continued use, Couchtuner 2.0 hd has widened its horizons especially regarding the type of movies and TV series that it stream.


You can choose the quality of the videos you want to stream from an array of four options, 1080p, 720p HD, 360p standard, 180p low and an auto mode. The auto mode adjusts the quality according to the specifications of the device the individual is using.

The speed of the video streaming depends on the data connection that each person uses. 2G connections are said to have moderately good streaming speed but it is also heavily recommended that one use at least a 3G connection for a good experience and off course higher the speed less the lag during streaming. The videos will be available on Couchtuner hd as soon as they finish airing on their respective channels.

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Couch-tuner can be accessed from anywhere either on mobile phone, tablet or the official website. As it is a platform exclusively meant for audience it can be directly accessed from every country. If you face any problem streaming it you are going to need a VPN(Virtual Private Network). Read carefully about VPN laws of your Country and Be Careful while Choosing Your VPN service.


So till now I have discussed everything about Couch-tuner and everyone of you must have one question in your mind that is couch tuner legal and safe to use. The answer for this is quite simple in some regards it is SAFE to use but you should not click on anything else on couchtuner except on TV Shows, Series and Movies.


To be fair, Couch tuner is a baby compared to other services like it, although, at the same time, it is highly promising. Nowhere else have we seen such a large variety of selection at free price.  Everyone can find something they love in Coucnhtuner tv. The main alternatives are Netflix, Hulu, Putlocker which have been around for a long time. They have a foundation of customers that Counch tuner is just beginning to garner. However, it does have some very serious perks that can be seen as prominent threats to these much older commodities.

Couchtuner is on fire, and everyone better make way for its imminent success…


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