Why Chembur Is The Perfect Location for Buying A Home in Mumbai

Chembur is one piece of Mumbai tried by many. Loaded up with sumptuous and rambling neighborhoods, the institutions and an enthusiastic nightlife, this piece of Mumbai is the pinch of fabulousness to the city of dreams. There are numerous zones of this area where individuals search for extravagance homes. Everyone that’s lived in rental houses has pondered owning their own house in Mumbai at some point. In this article, we look at why Chembur is the best place to actually make the plunge and to buy your own flat.

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1. Exclusivity

Restrictiveness is a standout amongst the most prime purpose behind home purchasers to search for pads in Mumbai. Property costs in Mumbai are the most noteworthy and for those moving from rental houses to their own house, this could be a hindrance. Regions like Colaba and Malabar hill and so forth offer exorbitant rents with private homes and extravagance homes.

Chembur offers a more down to Earth experience for the average homeowner. The rental costs here are milder than most other more wealthy areas of the city. You will just live among individuals from the upper white-collar class and middle-class foundations.

2. Well-connected

This business capital of India has central command of numerous enormous organizations and MNCs in Mumbai. Consequently, the Chembur area is one that’s frequented by numerous individuals once a day. It is all around associated through open transport and furthermore on the off chance that you need to head out in your vehicle. Moving to other parts of Mumbai becomes much easier as well, given the proximate location of this area. The Bandra-Worli Sea Link associates you toward the Western Suburbs. The Eastern road takes you to Vashi. There is additionally the choice of Metro trains with stations at a reasonable separation.

3. Top Eateries and Nightlife

Chembur is a foodie’s joy. With a wide range of cooking styles accessible, the sense of taste of a foodie can venture to the far corners of the planet. Celebrated eateries, for example, soda bottle openerwala, zaffran, farzi cafe, bhagat tarachand and so forth are arranged in this neighborhood. On the topic of nightlife, the quantity shops and businesses open at night are huge in Chembur, make the nightlife here an astounding one. From socials, hard rock cafe, the bar stock exchange to the Irish house, the rundown of significant bars is here is enormous.

4. Serene Neighborhood

Chembur is a much less congested and much less traffic-prone neighbourhood of the city. Land developers in Mumbai are finding a way to hold the appeal of the areas such as Chembur. Even the more luxurious areas of this part of the town are not all that packed.

5. Top-class Facilities and Educational Institutions

This area of town has many presumed schools and universities. International universities, colleges, schools of arts and other facilities with esteem are found in this part of town. On the off chance that you are considering moving from rental houses in Mumbai to owning a flat in Mumbai, Chembur would give your kids an approach to some top-class schools and universities around the local area. No to overlook that highly esteemed medical clinics and malls are also situated in the region.

6. Shopping

Despite being more costly in general, there is a platitude of markets where you can purchase groceries at ease. Along with this, malls and convenience stores are also bustling in this neighbourhood. This makes shopping and acquiring goods much easier with this part of the town.

7. Employment Opportunities

Chembur offers various types of employment paths for individuals at all closures of the business range. People that have an extraordinary experience and are at the highest point of their professional calling will find that there are many openings with major worldwide organizations here in this part of the city.

Chembur and its surrounding areas host to numerous organizations. With Mumbai being a worldwide capital with a large number of immigrant guests from around the world, this offers an advantage to its tenants. Regardless of what dimension of work one is seeking out, Chembur and its sprawling business scene are sure to offer occupations.

8. Culture, Architecture, and History

Chembur has perpetual culture and significance in the city, with historical centers, exhibitions, and even the beautiful parks to appreciate. Owning a house here can be a pathway to discovering all of these parts of the city’s culture.


This city of dreams is wanted by many. Purchasing a property in Mumbai is viewed as an immense advance in updating one’s way of life. And in the event that you are intending to purchase a house with lower costs and a higher extravagance level in Mumbai, then Chembur is the area to set sights on. This area represents the melting pot of the city’s various cultures and the best buy for a person looking to settle down.

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