Best Emoji Apps For Android in 2020

Best Emoji App in 2020 – Hello, guys today I am going to show you the best emoji app in 2020. As you know guys emoji is the best way to express your feeling. Sometimes you are unable to express your feeling on chat with anyone and other peoples could not understand with you what you talking about. But after coming emoji apps you can easily express your emotions with the help of emoji. Are you looking best Emoji apps for android and they are available on Google play store free of cost? So it is for you the right place. But remember if you want some special feature then you will need to pay the amount.

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These apps are available for both mobile users IOS and android. With the help of these apps express your feeling like laughing, smiling, sadness, and many others.

Some of the top apps for emojis app android, the best emoji app iPhone, emoji app for texting, etc. Using this emoji apps android as well as iPhone, you can even get the emojis you can get even festivals and special occasions emojis like holiday emoji for android.

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1. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is the best emojis app for android to create the characters that look like them. Users can create and edit their characters. And change the size of your character by adjusting everything like face shape, clothes, glasses, and hair. When a character is created there is lots of option to change emoji and made by yourself. To create more emojis it has a huge library of stickers which will help you to create lots of emojis by your Bitmoji. These features make it different from other apps.

best emoji app - Bitmoji
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best emoji app – Bitmoji

Bitmoji app Benefits: 

  1. 100+ million downloads on the Google play store
  2. 4.6 Rating
  3. It’s available for android and IOS platform
  4. Create an avatar easily and Change your avatar looks by editing features
  5. A huge library available for the latest stickers
  6. It supports all massaging app and Uses Bitmoji in any other app
  7. Customized Bitmoji stickers are available
  8. Different types of stickers are present for different purposes

Here is the link of download the Bitmoji emoji app for Android  and Bitmoji emoji app for iPhone

 2. Mirror Avatar Maker 

Mirror Avatar Maker is almost similar to Bitmoji. If you love to create your cartoon emoji. Then it for you the right choice to create your cartoon emoji. It will help you to create lots of stickers with its huge sticker’s library. Customize your Avatar by using special features like accessories and hairstyles, face shape and many more just click and edit. It can also use for Holiday emoji for android and there will be lots of stickers are available.

Mirror Avatar Maker App
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It’s available on the Google play store free of cost. If you want to enjoy more features you should need to pay for more.

More than 1500 different stickers are add in their library and also include emoji, Gif, memes, animation emoji for Android, Stickers for WhatsApp, and also for messenger.

 Mirror Avatar Maker app benefits:

  1. 1500+ stickers, animations, memes, and emojis.
  2. 10+ million downloads on the Google play store.
  3. 4.1 Rating.
  4. Supports all social media network catting apps.
  5. Create your Avatar
  6. Edit face, hairstyles, and other accessories.

Here is the link of download Mirror Avatar Maker

3. AfroMoji

Best Emoji Apps For Android – If you feeling bored with your traditional keyboard and you are looking for the Emoji app for Texting with the latest stickers. So AfriMoji will help you to get the latest emoji sticker. Now the yellow stickers look traditional but the world is changed we have more options to make creative writing. This app will help you to overcome this problem. You can use its latest stickers and express your real emotions. And you feel comfortable to chat with anyone. It has a very large collation of the latest emoji library. It can also use for Holiday emoji for android and there will be lots of stickers are available.

You can use its library in any kind of situation like horror, funny, angry, confusion, exited, and other serious movements. AfroMoji is available on the Google play store at free of cost.

AfroMoji app benefits: 

  1. 4.1-star on the Google play store.
  2. Instant use of any stickers.
  3. Low storage of memory in your device.
  4. Thousands of stickers are available for all kinds of situations.

4. Elite Emoji

‘Elite Emoji’ will be the best for who wants to show your creative chatting and express all real emotions, ideas. So this is for you the best emoji app for android. You can use 2000+ emoji stickers and make your chat creative. Any user can easily find our chat related emoji and send anyone with a single click. This app is 100% free of cost you can easily download on the Google play store. Select a photo or video and create your Gif and emoji. And the best emojis app for android.

Best Emoji Apps For Android - Elite Emoji
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Best Emoji Apps For Android – Elite Emoji

Elite Emoji app Benefits:

  1. 4.6 rating on play store.
  2. 5 Million downloads on play store.
  3. 2000+ different emoji stickers for numerous purposes.
  4. A large library to select Gifs and Emoji.
  5. Easy to send anyone.
  6. Some special Emoji is available for festivals and birthday celebrations.

5. Kika keyboard 2020

This is one of the best app on the Google play store and the user can experience a very smooth performance. It provides a lot of different emoji for various use just click on your favorite emoji and send it. Makes, your conversation creative and attractive with the help of this app. If you love to use the latest keyboard theme so this is for you because it gives you 100+ fancy keyboard themes and other settings like key sounds, various language options, and different fonts that suit your style. Some unique emoji are available like a middle finger, unicorn, taco, etc.

emojis app android - Kika keyboard 2020 App
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emojis app android – Kika keyboard 2020 App

Kika Keyboard 2020 benefits:

  1. 10 million downloads. (on the google play store)
  2. 4.6 Rating on the play store.
  3. Personalize keyboard settings like color, font, press sound, etc.
  4. Resize the keyboard size for one hand or both hand use.
  5. Auto-correction & word prediction.
  6. Send emoji, stickers, art, GIFs.

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