Best App for Reader | Netflix for Reader – Webnnel App Review

Webnnel App Review | A first hand review and works of Webnnel | Best App for Reader – Netflix for Reader

Do you love reading? Do you wonder where to get the new latest nobles and best Nobles and Comics? So the wait is over, here is an app called Webnnel which is the end of all your reading problems.

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Webnnel is a unique, fiction web entertainment platform that publishes original E-Novels and  E-Comics series in seasons. Webnnel first of its kind platform in the world where we collaborate with exceptionally talented writers from across boundaries to tell some of the finest and originallyproduced stories in the most exciting and innovative ways possible.

The Webnnel website has already acquired the good amount of readers. The engaging and the latest released E-Nobles and E- Comics entertain the readers and create a good bond with the Webnnel.

According to the Alexa, the site is

Global Rank  – 5,681,538
Rank in India -266,348 

Webnnel got 1 Lakh unique users and over 35 Lakh reads in its first official season that was launched in March 2018, So, with their good success rate they are happy to announce the launch of the webnnel android app. Webnnel is to promote great stories and storytelling across genres in different formats!

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What are the advantages of Webnnel over other Apps?

How is Webnnel is different from other platforms that offer similar services?

  • E-Novels and E-Comic Series are developed and published in seasons. Eg.Blackwater S1, S2, S3 etc.
  • Chapters of an ongoing series are published on a weekly basis.
  • Ongoing series are free to view/access.
  • Adopts innovative marketing to promote each series.

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Features of Webnnel App

Reader friendly user interface: The UI/UX of both the website and android app ensures a clutter free and soothing user experience. With no unnecessary and distracting pop-up ads, users can now have a fuss-free reading experience.

Seasons format: We are redefining the terms E-NOVELS and E-COMICS! With an aim to provide the writers their due credit and prevent creative exhaustion, Webnnel has introduced a very innovative and interactive format of storytelling that keeps the readers engaged.

Webnnel publishes three seasons every year. 1) Winter 2) Summer 3) Fall. During each season, which lasts 4 months, Webnnel introduces a limited number of new E- Novels and E-Comic series whose new chapters and episodes are published on a weekly basis. This way not only does a series gets maximum visibility but the writers also get their due recognition in the world of Digital where content is infinite. Also, the readers enjoy the thrill of the story building each week.

Notifications: Users get notified when a new chapter or episode of a series is published.

Read and Follow for free: The ongoing E-Novels and E-Comics series can be viewed and
followed for free!

Premium series: The E-Novels and E-Comics series published in earlier seasons can be
accessed through the premium series section. The user can either rent out the entire season
of a series or one or multiple chapters from a season that they may have missed.

Save feature: A user can save the series they are following when they have access to
the internet and later read it when there is no internet connectivity

Webnnel App Download

The App is released on Google Play store on 28 August 2018. According to the Play Store details the App got 500+ Downloads on 21st September 2018. The is simple and easy to use. All the contents available on the app is being categorized.

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