XDA-Otians & Frbians Raised Donation of more than 1 Lakh


Today I’m telling you about two Facebook group “XDA OFF-TOPIC GROUP!” & “free Recharge BOX“. They did something unthoughtable that will restore faith in humanity. Each group consists of more than 70 Thousand members. The XDA OFF-TOPIC GROUP!  is usually for sharing there creativity, success, knowledge and much more while free Recharge BOX group is for sharing shopping deals ,tricks etc .


xda off-topic
xda off-topic

On 5th July 2017, a member’s post emerged on both the group asking for help after his dad was admitted in Apollo Hospital in  ICU ( Intensive Care Unit ) for being met with an accident and stated that he was not financially well and wanted help from the other members .

Admins sent a person to the Hospital to check about the situation and after confirmation  the Admins shared a post on the group asking group members to come forward and help the family financially and through prayers to God . Group Members of both Groups came forward and started paying through E-Wallets like Paytm etc. There was a Awesome response from the Group Members . Till now a Total Sum of approx Rs 45,000 is collected by free Recharge BOX Group ( frb donation ) & Rs 76,000 inXDA OFF-TOPIC GROUP . Yesterday Rs30,000 was directly transferred to the family members account. The remaining amount will be given in cash by one of the group member to the victims family directly at Apollo Hospital where the victim is hospitalized.

This incident proves that You don’t need to know someone personally to help anyone and that’s exactly how both the group has responded when there group member needed help. Yet again, There are many examples which proves humanity exists today also. The group members describe themselves as a family. “XDA OFF-TOPIC GROUP!” & “free Recharge BOX” are just not a Group They are a Family .

Hope for quick recovery, Let’s pray to God!



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