WhatsApp and Facebook group admins beware government is taking action on admins


Facebook group and whatapp group admins beware.

Are you using a social media? Are you a admin of facebook group or a whatsaap group? If yes, then this article is for you. This is really one of the good news for the social sites. Now a days there are many types of misleading news and information are on the approx all the social sites. Social media is full of various types of hateful contents about any politicians, caste, religion, etc. Even the information related to child lost, share the picture of any patient and ask public to forward by clamming that the patient will get some rupees. If you found guilty then be ready for jail or prison.

Government says if this happens it can lead to jail.

This type of misleading information can harm a lot to the society. This all needed to be stopped.The government official in Varanasi says in their joint statement that Group Admin is responsible for every post in any group or groups on a social media. If on social media like Whatapp group or facebook group. And if any misleading information about hateful contents about any politicians, caste, religion, etc will be shared the group admin is responsible .In this case the government can also take actions on groups admins. The copy of order of the government decision and a news have included in the article.

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This order is being taken by Varanasi DM Yogeshwar Ram Mishra and SSP Nitin Tiwari According to the government officials says every post in any group on social sites is a responsibility of Group Admin. And if anybody who is handling Facebook and WhatsApp group misleads any information then the government can take actions on them.


Facebook suspended account for sharing on facebook group.

One another news that about some days before facebook has suspended some account of United States. The reason being for that is they are sharing the picture of a lady’s son who is suffering from a disease. They are misleading people that facebook will give hime some money if we share this post. The lady reported to facebook and the facebook suspended their accounts.

Note :- If you are a member of a facebook group, WhatsApp or and other social sites. All this rule also applicable to you.
That means you cannot send any of this misleading news otherwise you will also have to ready to go jail.

How to be safe and make social sites safe:

And if any one thinks that they can escape then we would say it would be impossible for them to escape. Our cyber cell is very much capable for finding them.

  • Don’t share any post without verifying the information.
  • Don’t allow you group members to share this type of posts.
  • Clearly instruct your group member that if they share any misleading news they will be removed from group.
  • Delete the post of misleading information.
  • If possible report the post on facebook.

No one either Admin or any group members of any social sites like Facebook group can have permission to share this kinds of false information otherwise both can get jail as well as money punishment.



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